The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon is one of my very favorite things in the universe. Not only is it a masterpiece of story-telling that defies genre with amazing characters who are real enough to become part of your life, it is so quotable that I am constantly thinking of passages that apply to anything that happens in my life.

I love quoting these books, since there are so many pieces of humor, wisdom, love and heart that transcend the context of the books. I'd been collecting my favorite quotes and found I had so many that I wanted to categorize them to make them easier to find. One thing led to another and I went down my well-trodden path and created a website for them.

I thought this might be a fun reference for others as well, so I added some basic styling and navigation and here we are. This is only a small portion of favorite quotes and I intend to keep adding to the list.

If you'd like to suggest more quotes or point out corrections or anything else, you can find email me at kristinchaos at gmail dot com. Please include Outlander quotes in the subject line or its likely to get lost.

I also post quotes daily to Twitter using the handle @chaoscritter.

For discussions of the quotes and all things Outlander there are a number of places online and I have links to many of them on the Outlander Hub site.